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Lovers "Winners" directed by Christoper Alvaro follows the story of two teenage lovers, Joseph Michael Brennan and Margaret Mary Enright - more commonly known as Joe and Mag respectively - who are due to be married in three weeks. However, Mag is also pregnant, which at the time Lovers was written was a major issue. Due to Mag falling pregnant with Joe's baby, they are both asked to leave their schools out of disgrace for what they have done. In the play we find out that Joe's mother pleaded with the school to let Joe sit his exams, this is a very important theme as Joe - being the man - is expected to go, find work and provide for his family

The play is set atop a hill with the simple premise of Mag and Joe revising for their exams. However, throughout the play, they become distracted and talk on different subjects (much to Joe's annoyance) and through this, we hear the further back story behind the characters. The play ends with Mag and Joe finding a boat on the shore by a lake and deciding to take it out onto the lake. 

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