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About Us

We are a club, founded 19 years ago, which brings people with a love for all things theatre and the performing arts together. This club provides opportunities for these individuals to perform, organise, lead, design, produce, socialise and much more! We also run several fun events throughout the year (have a look at our socials to see what we ran last year...)

We invite all Notre Dame theatre lovers to join our club. As long as you have a love for theatre and a desire to be a part of the production process, whether that be in the role of actor or lighting designer or stage hand, you are more than welcome to become a member!

There are two tiers of involvement with our club with one being our general club membership, The Embarrassment of PAANDA's, which you will automatically join when you are involved in one our of productions. Further than this, you can also join our committee to be more involved in the running and promotion of PAANDA!

If you are interested in joining PAANDA or want any further information, please contact us through our website or social media accounts!

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