Kirralee Coulter

​Kirralee has been a lump on the back of PAANDA since 2016. It’s a little weird but you get used to it. Having a hatred for movies but a love for musicals means she can rap just about any verse of Hamilton, but if you ask her to, expect an entire one person reenactment. If you need to get in contact with her the fastest way is by carrier pigeon, as she nearly never checks her messages. Usually very stressed, she finally enters her happy place once she's had her daily coffee and eats a meal that isn't too bready. She is on campus so much that uni has started charging rent.


Ella Gorringe

Missing: Red headed female who believes Skeggs saved the music industry. Probably wearing full length pants that flow in the wind. She will claim to be vegan, but has probably just finished eating a dairy product. Best way to catch her is to leave tickets to some sort of ‘indie’ music festival under a box with a string attached so you can pull it over her. Make sure to not offend the Fremantle Football team if you do successfully capture her, you will regret it.

Reward for returning our Vice President: $9.76

Vice President

Catherine Acres

Cat’s that one friend who only ever gets called by her nickname, and it sounds weird to call her by her real name. She’s a nerd for an alarmingly large number of things, from Harry Potter to Marvel, Asian Pop to Table Top. One of Cat’s favourite pastimes is reminding everyone remotely older than her that they are in fact, old (She takes joy in watching their faces blanche in horror). One of Cat’s least favourite pastimes is traveling by bus and train to get to Fremantle… From Joondalup. One day she will get her licence and will probably be willing to give you a lift anywhere north of Fremantle (but in reality, everyone knows that she shouldn’t be allowed to drive anywhere).


Tessa Harris

Tessa “Basic B*tch” Harris enters her second year in PAANDA desperate to prove she is slightly less of a light weight than before. As Treasurer, she will live by the inspiring words from a random vine “If you ain’t talkin money I don’t wanna talk.” Will she become corrupt? Find out in the season finale.


Matthew Luke Jones III

Having been a part of PAANDA for just over two years, Matthew finds himself waking up in a waste recycling station, wondering what happened the evening prior, far too often. You will see Matthew on and off stage, in your dreams or nightmares, perhaps even at your local charcuterie looking for a nice bit of prosciutto. As Marketing Manager, Matthew is making it his goal to bring a level of propa-paanda to your local area. Keep an eye out for our posters, Matthew has probably stolen them.

Marketing Manager

Thomas Desmond

Thomas has been at uni since before sliced bread. Don’t ask him what year of his degree he is in because he’s so old, his memory is failing. If you see him around uni, make sure you yell loudly at him, because he probably hasn’t turned on his hearing aids. Trying to stay hip with the kids, he will most likely dab on the haters, but like your actual grandparents, you can ignore him. Also he’s tall.

General Committee Member

Abbey Morris

Abbey can easily be found in the comfort of her home enjoying some gin and a Lord of the Rings marathon. Pre and post marathon she is probably doing stuff for the student association and only occasionally studying for her Law and Arts degrees. If none of the above applies she is possibly acting in a thing. Abbey only joined PAANDA last year and is looking forward to hopefully doing more acting this year and watching the Lord of the Rings again.

General Committee Member

Michael Allan

Michael knows things that regular people do not know.


To give an example would mean that you now know.


This ruins the purpose of Michael.

General Committee Member

Natasha Guest

As an unconventional Asian, Natasha likes to appropriate herself.

Natasha did not write her bio so we are struggling to think of significant aspects about her, her facebook will now do all the talking for us.


She lives in Perth. She likes Toy Story 2, The Lion King 2 and any other sequel out there. Her favourite television programme is ‘9 News’. Pages she has liked involve 33 very interesting choices including, Selena Gomez, 2 Harry Potter related pages and one discussing Mary kate and Ashley Olsen’s lives … This is now Natasha speaking and she would like to specify that those choices and pages were liked by 12-year-old (illegal participant of facebook) Natasha, by which she regrets and will now figure out a way to delete all of it.

To sum Natasha up, she is not okay with deadlines and fulfilling them. P.S I don’t think I’ve ever watched a segment of ‘9 News’ ever so this bio was also quite the surprise to me (who is actually Natasha by the way).

General Committee Member

Troy Coelho

Believed to have had his golden days in high school due to his basketball and musical talent; Troy now has left those days behind and found himself here, where he has remained for so long that it is believed he is actually a time wizard.

Known for a deep love for all things nerdy, obscure and musical - he is also of the belief that he is the reincarnation of Hercules. Constantly putting the glad in gladiator and going from zero to hero, if you disagree with him - just be ready to throw down in a marathon to prove your worth. Because he will show you the true meaning of the 12 labors.

General Committee Member

Rachel Porter

All you need to know about Rachel is that she loves cheese and garlic bread.  You can pretty much get anything out of her, if enough cheesy garlic bread is involved.  She wants to be proud of her involvement in PAANDA, however after shows like Mrs Smegma's Comedy Show, she is not quite sure.  If you would like to sponsor Rachel's cheese addiction, please get in contact.

Immediate Past President

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